Our Mission: World wide entrepreneurship pwnage

As entrepreneurs, we like solving problems and breaking down barriers. There are few things we have experienced filled with obstacles like starting and running a business, and we think that could use some cleaning up. Obstacle 1: Clarity and Communication.

What we do

Ziqqu LLC is a company dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. Our name is derived from the Akkadian word that means "to build on a raised area." We strive to build an environment where founders can make sense of their ideas, create value, and gain success.

We have designed our first tool, Ziqqu Forge, to make founder assertions accessible so that they can gain startup community support more efficiently. We are also working on Ziqqu Pub, which will be a publishing platform where startup teams can report their progress and share news. Ziqqu Pub will integrate with Ziqqu Forge, and together they will form our first market offering.

Our history

In 2011, the founders of Ziqqu LLC started Ziqqu Music. We designed Ziqqu Music as a place where great Indie music could be quickly identified using behavioral analysis. After a year and a half of all-nighters and caffeine, the business failed. Learning from this failure, we decided to build solutions for some of the difficulties encountered as student entrepreneurs.

In December 2013, we landed a contract with Baylor's LAUNCH program to develop an entrepreneurship course collaboration tool for the KEEN Network of 19 universities. The concept for Ziqqu Forge was born.

We will launch our MVP to this network of universities during Spring 2015. At the same time, we will be hosting the Houston Startup Forge to match early stage startups with valuable mentorship in their local community.

Our team

Isaac Valadez graduated from Baylor in 2013 with a major in Engineering and minors in Math and Entrepreneurship. His lifelong passions are innovating and developing tools for innovators. Full of ideas, Isaac serves as the CEO of Ziqqu LLC, dealing the design of our products and the realization of our mission.

Adam Cammack is an Austin-based hacker and musician. He first started working with Isaac while studying Computer Science at Baylor from 2010 to 2012. A voracious reader and problem-solver, Adam is the CTO of Ziqqu, focusing on usability and reliability.