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Business models you can work with

An online canvas where founders can organize, share, and validate the key assertions of their business model
coming Summer 2015

See how it works


We'll send you updates about Ziqqu Forge and help you get started using it if you want. If you have any questions or would rather send us an email, feel free to contact us.

Startups find clarity

  • Find clarity in your story and maintain focus on what's important.
  • Invite mentors and peers to follow your activity.
  • Receive direct insights and feedback on your assertions.

Mentors save time

  • Follow the activity of startups that catch your interest.
  • Provide feedback from any device, on your own schedule.
  • Keep long email chains and bulky PDFs out of your inbox.

Networks build communities

  • All the business models in your network on one webpage.
  • Replace scattered emails with a single activity feed.
  • Measure your progress live and gather better data.

Get involved

Ziqqu Forge will be launching Houston Startup Forge as our private beta in Spring 2015. We are looking for entrepreneurs and mentors for participation in this beta as well as partnerships with organizations interested in supporting Houston entrepreneurship. Feel free to contact_us@ziqquforge.com to learn more.